Sabrina Groeschke

Photographer and Communication Designer

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As a versatile photographer, her passion for capturing life’s fleeting moments is easily found in her images. With a body of work gathered over two decades, she has developed a unique perspective and a profound understanding of the human experience.

Born and raised in East Berlin, Germany in the 80s teaches a lot about adapting to change and being inventive. Her photographic journey began in 1999 with a Canon EOS 300. Since then, she has steadily improved her skills creating visuals that resonate deeply.

With a particular focus on social events, urban life, conflicts, travel, and portraits, she is drawn to the essence found in different settings and the stories that unfold within them.

With a dual home base in Berlin, Germany, and Portland, Oregon, and experiences from her many travels, she draws inspiration for visuals that transcend geographic boundaries.

As a communication designer with over 15 years of experience, she possesses excellent skills in layout design, illustration, info graphics and animations. Her focus lies in campaign design within the political and educational sectors.

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